Security Fog System (SFS)


Designed for both large and small environments, our Security Fog System protects your business or home from break-in attempts. Once installed the innovative system prevents theft of property by releasing a dense fog and hiding near by goods in times of break-in. Unable to see past this dense fog, criminals are deterred from entering the property and stealing goods. Simply put   "THEY CANNOT STEAL WHAT THEY CANNOT SEE".


Typically criminal acts are committed in the first few minutes, before police arrive. Alarms may have been triggered by the break-in but unless attached to an active security system such as SFS they will not prevent theft, only notify you when there is one. This is why our system is a must for ultimate property protection.


Immediately releasing fog that lasts for approximately 30 minutes, SFS provides protection for your business or home untill police or other authorities arrive. After 30 minutes the fog slowly disipates without harming people, animals or objects and leaving no residue. It is completely safe for all environments.


Take an active approach to crime prevention. Use a Security Fog System to protect your business or home from future break-ins.

Why Choose A Security Fog System?


  • Fast response

  • Compact system

  • Active protection

  • Reduces threat of break-in/theft

  • Safe for the environment

  • Suitable for most spaces including warehouses, offices, supermarkets, banks, schools, homes, etc


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