Does the ICON BGM tablet store or stream music?

The Icon BGM downloads and stores the tracks locally which results in no breakdown in music playback.

Can a client head office create a custom playlist?

Yes, a custom playlist can be created and downloaded only onto various ICON BGM tablets in the clients outlet stores.

Is the music legal to download?

Yes, all dubbing fees are paid and music is fully legal in relation to copyright.

Do you provide license free music?

Yes, we can supply license free music which requires no copyright fees to be paid.

What is the advantage of an ICON BGM System over Spotify?

  1. A number of popular artists and their music catalogs are available on the ICON BGM System but not on Spotify... for example Adele, Taylor Swift and Beyonce.

  2. The ICON BGM System has a built in scheduler, which allows you to preprogram daily and weekly music.

  3. The ICON BGM System has superior sound quality.

  4. The ICON BGM System is ad free.

  5. A mic for announcements can be incorporated into the ICON BGM tablet.

Is it possible to rent charging stations long term?

Yes, we can supply charging stations on both short term and long term rental agreements.

Does the chemical in the Security Fog System leave a residue?

No, the chemical leaves no reside and is safe for use in rooms with electronic equipment, safe for human inhalation and has been certified by relative technical authorities.

Can the Security Fog System be used in stand alone mode?

Yes, the Security Fog System can be used in stand alone mode to protect a particular room in a building if needed.

Does the hearing protection products need much maintenance?

Just an annual calibration and setting of default DB levels.

Do sound products record levels over a period of time?

Yes, a separate module can be fitted which will record all data over a period of time. This can be downloaded for analysis.

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