Icon Background Music System


Music for every venue and occasion....


Our ICON BGM (Background Music) System offers a wide choice of licence free music with multizoning and customizable playlist features built into a user friendly interface. 


Studies show the right atmosphere can lead to an improved customer experience and increased customer spending which is essential for any business to succeed.


An ICON background music system is the key to this. With a regularly updated library of playlists available or the option to create your own, the BGM system makes it quick, easy and hassle free to set the perfect tone for your business, venue or event.


An ICON BGM system means customers stay longer and spend more.


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Designed with fast and easy navigation a priority, the ICON BGM system operates on a preloaded android enabled tablet conveniently mounted in a compact "swan neck" display case. With "create your own" and "custom" playlist options the BGM system offers users access to a 220,000 plus music library connected to an online store which is updated continuously with the latest music. This is a service only available on our preloaded tablets.

  • Choose from OVER 220,000 tracks

  • Create your own playlist

  • Custom playlists available

  • Multizone option

  • Touch & slide selection

  • Scheduling facility

  • Search by Decade, Genre, etc

  • Audio advertising option

  • Microphone function for announcments

Technical Specifications
  • Android enabled tablet: 8/10 inch optimum

  • Audio line output for connection to amps or speakers

  • Subscription to NSM Music library required

  • Optional output for wireless speaker connection

Backround Music Equipment

A well designed backround muaic system is an essential part of modern leisure, retail and hospitality offerings. Whether its for a pleasant ambience to encourage longer dwell times or just to allow some privacy in conversations, we can design and install a system that will add value to your business. 

System hardware can include multizone amplifiers. ceiling or wall mounted speakers and suitable music playback hardware.

Foreground Music Equipment

We can supply high output foreground music systems which are for use in bars, hotels and larger event spaces.

Systems include high output amplifiers, large cabinet speakers, state of the art lighting and hearing protection displays to help protect staff and customers in line with health and safety legislation.